Splendid GUIs on i.MX RT1170 Crossover MCU


The convergence of low power applications crossover MCUs and high performance microcontrollers is here. The i.MX RT1170 as a crossover MCU is setting speed records at 1GHz while offering the highest performance with its Arm® Cortex®-M 7 core, real-time functionality and MCU usability. With Embedded Wizard you achieve the best possible performance you can imagine.

Why should I use Embedded Wizard?

Quick & easy Development

Full-featured IDE to develop HMIs (including prototyping, debugging and profiling on your development PC)

Performance Boost

Utilizing of NXP’s GPU by using the lean VGLite API

Runs with or without OS

HMIs can run on bare metal or with various RTOSes, like FreeRTOS and others

No Dependencies

Regarding resolution, orientation, color depth or color format

Unlimited use

Neither royalties per device, maintenance fees nor any regular subscriptions fees

State-of-the-art GUIs

Implementation of stunning and smartphone-like GUIs with high-performance animations and transitions

High-Efficient Code

Very small RAM and ROM footprint

Full Control

Independency of open source or any other 3rd party sw results in full control of license clearing & best support

Download Free Edition

Get to know Embedded Wizard's workflow and generate source code for your i.MX RT1170 crossover MCU.

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Live GUI Demo for i.MX RT1170 crossover MCU

Experience the astonishing performance of an HMI application developed with Embedded Wizard on your own i.MX RT1170 MCU. 

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