Impressions of Embedded World 2016


We are so happy having experienced these amazing days at Embedded World in Nuremberg meeting inspiring people and learning about so many interesting projects in this vibrant innovative atmosphere. Getting all the feedback is so important for us, on the one hand to know that we are on the right path and on the other hand to learn what we can improve and add in the future. We thank our partner STMicroelectronics giving us the possibility to present our newest developments and demos at their booth.

For all those who were not able to join us – here is a small overview:

We showed a big variety of sophisticated and high-performance GUI demos on all important microcontrollers of ST: STM32F769, STM32F746, STM32F429, STM32F469, STM32L476.

By using an epaper display from Pervasive Displays we showed both the flexibility and scalability of Embedded Wizard on the STM32L476 Nucleo board: With only 128KB of SRAM a complete water irrigation demo application was demonstrated.

We adapted our STM32F7 Platform Package to the newest generation of the STM32F769 MCU in order to utilize its hardware JPEG decoder. With that we can play M-JPEG video files with more than 24 FPS with a GUI blended on top.

We could give a first preview of our new Version 7.0 of Embedded Wizard with its new advanced widget library, advanced inline documentation and new interface templates.

Manuel Melic, Product Manager of Embedded Wizard, explained live the workflow of Embedded Wizard on ST´s booth and demonstrated how to create an application and flash it to the target (STM32F7) within minutes.

And last but not least, we presented two brand new demo applications with a modern design, which were designed by our partner, UX Design Agency Ergosign. The great feedback we received makes us proud to have Ergosign as a parter!

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