New Preview Version of Embedded Wizard 7.0

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Simplifying Target Integration

To simplify the integration of Embedded Wizard applications with your underlying business logic, your device’s peripherals or your 3rd party library, we prepared a set of new templates to integrate and use those interfaces easily. The new templates are implemented as a framework and are based on best practices we have worked out within customers’ projects.

Advanced Inline Documentation

Thanks to the new inline documentation, we integrate descriptions and documentation right into Embedded Wizard Studio, where you actually need it. That means, that colleagues joining your project can follow your thoughts exactly at that place where they belong to. With that functionality you can create sustainable GUI projects as it is not necessary anymore to describe your structure at a second place. Of course this kind of annotations has no impact on the resulting memory footprint as it solely belongs to development environment within Embedded Wizard Studio.

More ready-to-use Widgets

We extended the widget library of Embedded Wizard with new sliders, buttons, switches, gauges and various kinds of charts like bar charts, line charts, pie charts etc.

Some of them are designed by the design agency Ergosign, named XFlat, and make it easy to create beautiful applications within minutes. Simply drag and drop the desired control element to your GUI component, arrange it and configure its properties. You can even modify and adapt them according to your needs. You can use the widgets in your Embedded Wizard projects without any license limitations.

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