Impressions of Embedded World 2019

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Over the last years, Embedded World has become something really special for us. New impulses, inspiration and motivation we receive there are just priceless. We would like to say a very warm THANK YOU to our partners emtrion, STMicroelectronics, Microchip and NXP for hosting us and our GUI showcases. And of course to all customers, supporters and visitors who shared these busy and truly amazing days with us.

New Customer Products

We showed customers’ products – which we supported with our GUI services – from Bosch (Automotive), Urban (Agricultural), KaVo Dental » (Medical) and Sauer Compressors » (Industrial).

New Showcases

We received great feedback on our new showcases:

  • IoT Sauna – connected control system for sauna – showcase with two applications running on NXP LPCXpresso54608 and in a browser.
  • Bezier Clock – fancy animated demonstration using bezier curves.
  • Energy Monitoring – smart meter demo dealing with touch and voice control.
  • eReader – showing embedded TrueType font engine usage for multilingual GUI applications.
  • Dual Video Playback – decoding multiple video streams in parallel and adding a UI on top

Our Demos on New Platforms Shown at Our Partners' Booths

Our solution has been demonstrated at several booths all over Embedded World. Here is a selection:

Our Experts Were There For YOU...​

…to discuss your GUI projects and how we can help you to accelerate your development process with our GUI Services.

Thank You!

Here are some more impressions. Thanks to everyone who made Embedded World 2019 such a great experience for us!

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