New: Embedded Wizard 10.0

New Version Embedded Wizard 10.0 with Extensive Improvements

The just-released Embedded Wizard version 10.0, the professional software for the realization of graphical user interfaces (GUI), contains extensive and time-efficient process improvements within the integrated development environment (IDE). Furthermore, the own visual programming language Chora receives extensions to data types and functions. The license models were also updated.

Usability Improvements

The core of the Embedded Wizard suite is the Studio, the place where the developer actively works on the GUI project. The Studio provides a powerful IDE to design, test, debug, and deploy a GUI application. In order to compose the appearance of an application and implement its complete functionality, which is done in the Studios’ Composer, Embedded Wizard 10.0 is now presenting the best version of its workflow.

Highlighting some enhancements there is to mention that the Composer now displays items outside the visible Canvas area, scrolling can now be done in negative directions, automated arranging to align and distribute selected views, annotations, and other members has been added and extended shortcuts help to further optimize developers’ workflow.

Significant Programming Language Improvements

Based on the idea of visually aided programming, where software entities are arranged and connected by simply dragging and dropping them, the entire project information is stored in the Embedded Wizard immanent programming language Cho­ra.

Chora is a universal, target agnostic, and although safe and strict object-oriented programming language permitting the autonomous implementation of the complete functionality of a GUI application. Working with Embedded Wizard developers automatically use Chora – be it in the Composer window when arranging and connecting the project members or in the Code Editor or Inspector window when implementing the functionality of an application.

Version 10.0 integrates new Chora data types (e.g. support of 64 Bit). Further built-in math functions, support for increment/decrement operators (++/–), and numerous further improvements on operands have been added.

Maximum Flexibility During Whole
Development Process

The newly introduced digital license key management lets users of the Embedded Wizard version 10.0 quickly dive into their first operations. Moreover, by means of this economic system management, more flexibility during the whole development process is ensured. A license is no longer transferred physically but via a digital key, thus avoiding shipping costs and transportation times. In case of loss or transfer, customers do not get stopped due to retrieving their individual license key.

Even more process-related individuality comes with the extended license plans for the Embedded Wizard Studio licenses. The new Single-User Floating license allows an embedded developer to work from any PC. To improve workflows of multinational teams, the new Multi-User Floating license enables two or more developers to streamline their development work, independent from time zones or workplaces. Whereas the existing Node-Locked license is bound to a developer’s PC. (>> Pricing

“The result of the most extended version-update of nearly 20 years of Embedded Wizard is the just-released version 10.0. We believe these immense workflow optimizations lead to even faster time-to-market productions of HMIs for embedded systems. Embedded Wizard allows lean, versatile, scalable, and fast GUIs for electronic manufacturers in highly competitive and accelerating markets like medical or automotive.”

Of course, the release also includes several bug fixes. Interested persons can discover all new features of version 10.0 here.

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