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embedded world 2020

This year’s embedded world has shown that from literally one day to another things in business can change. Our credo was: “Let’s make the best out of it and spice up the embedded software scene.” To be honest, we went to Nuremberg with minimum expectations. From our side we can proudly say: Our team effort was on point. Brand-new platforms and customer projects from 2019-2020 were shown and our visitors were impressed. Our scope was as wide as we can imagine Embedded Wizard’s use cases. Bottom line, we had more quality time for a very interested audience and our presence was miles away from being a waste of time. Overall, we are happy with the outcome. We want to thank all visitors and customers we met during embedded world 2020. 

And…  these were the #EW20 news:

Our Demos on New Platforms

We brought some brand-new platforms which impressive new features and possibilities. Nevertheless, we also highlighted some platforms which are still sophisticated and perfect to use for your GUI development. See here what’s all about the latest platforms.

  • The new STM32H7B3I-DK with Embedded Wizard v9.30 demo
  • Embedded Wizard now supports STM32H750 microcontrollers 



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  • Brilliant vector graphics VGLite are home to the brand-new i.MX RT1170
  • The i.MX 7ULP with high-performance graphics accelerator OpenGL ES 2.0, running on Linux
  • i.MX RT500 showcasing a Wearable, also using VGLite
  •  i.MX6 with lean GUI animation clusters (Demo for medical appliances)

Car Instrument Cluster Demo – on i.MX RT1170

Showreel – i.MX 7ULP on with OpenGL ES 2.0

Wearables – on NXP i.MX RT500 (VGLite)

Lean GUI Animations – on i.MX6

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Further Platforms
  • Microchip: SAM D51 with the advantages of a low-memory Double-Scratch-Pad-Buffer
  • Espressif: software-only ESP32 with its Double-Scratch-Pad-Buffer

Microchip SAM D51


New Customers' Products

We proudly presented customers’ products –  supported by our GUI Services.

See in action: Bosch Thermotechnik & IVT »  (Home Appliances), KLS Martin » (Medical), KaVo Dental » (Medical), Sauer Compressors » (Industrial), Benzing (Consumer Electronics) and IBL (Agrarian).

Bosch TT & IVT on STM32 – Consumer Electronics

KLSMartin on STM32 – Medical

KaVoDental on NXP LPC – Medical

Sauer Compressors on STM32- Industrial

Benzing on STM32 – Consumer Electronics

IBL on STM32 – Agrarian

Some More Impressions

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