Push UX 2022

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Christiane Moser (UX Design), and Rudolf Leberfinger (Head of GUI Services), visited this year’s Push UX in Munich. The event featured not only great presentations, renowned speakers and exciting breakout sessions, but also the opportunity to network with UX experts. A clear recommendation for anyone involved in UI and UX Design. We were definitely inspired by the presentations and will certainly incorporate some new aspects into our UX design projects.


One of the many highlights was the speech “Dark mode is wrong: How to bust UX trends” held by Jason Barrons, Design Practice Lead at VMware. He explained that the view of dark mode being more comfortable for our eyes is outdated, as this finding only refers to a study from the 1980s. In this study, it was found that the flickering of white backgrounds is much more pronounced on tube TVs than on black backgrounds. However, this finding is no longer relevant today thanks to modern TV and mobile devices. Barrons, on his part, rather suggests considering what content in what environment the user is consuming. The readability of texts, for example, is much more enjoyable in light mode, whereas moving images are better presented in dark mode. In terms of environment, for instance, it is crucial whether the user consumes the content in daylight or at night.

In our GUI projects there is also often the wish for a light and a dark mode. Below you can see a GUI that we have developed for NTi Audio. In this case both modes were created by our GUI Services team.

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