Pricing for Trainings and additional GUI Services

Basic Training

Onsite or Online

In 2 to 4 sessions
Kick-start your GUI development
Get used to Embedded Wizard
Hands-on-training with your design

Advanced Training

Onsite or Online

1200*/ 8hrs
In up to 2 sessions
Become an expert
Prerequisite: Basic Training or
Experienced Embedded Wizard user

Port & Verification

On custom hardware

Ready-2-use project as source
Incl. performance benchmark
Realization usually within 4 weeks

Application Development

Price on Request
Your perfectly tailored solution
Customized & Ready-to-Use GUI

Prototype Development

8400*/ 5 Screens
Fully functional GUI prototype
Reduce project risks
Save time-to-market
Convince your audience

Technical Support

Studio & Platform

Professional Technical Support
Available for Small Business Edition
Available for Professional Edition
Valid for 1 year

Custom Modules

Use a Shortcut to your GUI Product Realization

Test Framework

3800* /incl. 8hrs support
Guided set-up
Test automation
Embedded Wizard >= 9.30
Maintenance period: 1 year

The Test Framework is an Embedded Wizard module allowing the implementation and execution of different GUI tests, such as regression, integration, acceptance, and unit tests. GUI state and screenshot comparison are available.

  • Test Coding
  • Test Recording
  • Screenshot Comparison
  • GUI Status Comparison
It runs within the Prorotyper or as Win32 executable and can be used within automated testing environments such as Jenkins.
GUI testing on dedicated platforms is not included.

Extended Virtual Keyboard

1290*/incl. 2hrs support
Latin keyboard with accents
Cyrillic keyboard
Greek keyboard
Number pad
Maintenance period: 1 year

Do you need to enter text in different languages?
The extended virtual keyboard comes up with a preset of languages and an easy configuration possibility to add new languages.

PNG Decoder

2990*/incl. 2hrs support
Runtime PNG decoding
No open source dependency
Embedded Wizard >= 9.30
Maintenance period: 1 year

Do you require to change images during runtime?
With the PNG Decoder widget, you will get an optimized PNG decoder written in ANSI-C with an easy-to-use binding to Embedded Wizard. It allows you to load PNGs from any buffer asynchronously to avoid blocking the GUI even without any operating system usage.

  • Inaris PNG Decoder in ANSI-C (PngSuite tested)
  • Embedded Wizard Binding as Bitmap Resource
  • Incremental PNG decoding
  • Instant color conversion
  • Multi-frame bitmap support
  • Hint: No interlaced PNG supported


900*/incl. 1hr support
Optimized rendering
Embedded Wizard >= 9.30
Maintenance period: 1 year

Your device shall be showing QR Codes? With this module, you can easily integrate this functionality into your embedded GUI. It is simply rendering a QR code prepared by the QR-Code-Generator, which can be dynamically adjusted in size and coloring.


1290*/incl. 2hrs support
Pinyin Text Editor
Pinyin Preview
Global Pinyin Selector
Embedded Wizard >= 9.30
Maintenance period: 1 year

Pinyin is a well-known input standard for Chinese characters. With the Pinyin widget, you will get a ready-to-use TextInput supporting the Pinyin selection overlay. It can be added easily to any existing Embedded Wizard project.

*All prices are net prices exclusive taxes, fees and shipping costs

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