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Aspiration: Wow-Experience and Over-Exceeding Customer Expectations with
GUI Services

As a cutting-edge software company, TARA Systems focuses on best user experiences. We make sure we are always in-the-know when it comes to the latest Graphical User Interface (GUI) innovations for embedded systems in sectors like automotive and automation, medical, consumer electronics, home appliances or industrial.

Both customers and end-users expect that display screens will leave them with a wow-experience – but still manufacturers are cost-sensitive in mind. The displays need to allow for vibrant colors, sharp images, eventually even sophisticated animations, all while doing their job and functioning efficiently.

So how can companies provide the anticipated user experience in their products? Our GUI Services by TARA Systems team members help them to marry the design-part to the technical realization. The UI development framework Embedded Wizard is the core of our success. Let us tell you about selected success stories.

GUI Services Team Supports all Industries

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Specialised CE: Headlight for Cinematic Lightning

The Rotolight Titan™ X2 is a revolution in lighting control, developed by the Rotolight Group at Pinewood film studios in UK. With these lights, and these studios, blockbusters, like the latest and still not launched James Bond “Time to Die” (in 2020), are getting produced. Our GUI Services team supported its whole development process – from structuring the architecture until its final porting.

Meanwhile, the Titan™ X2 has been globally praised for its industry-first SmartSoft™ technology, which allows users to electronically adjust the light’s diffusion, focus and spread. By a film lightning professional, its usage is described as “a quantum leap ahead of anything else I’ve seen” for the way it saves both time and money on set. The “well-built […] high-tech kit” offers features at a perfect price – that none of its rivals offer at any price.1” We worked together in an agile process and a hand-over to our customer could have been conducted at every point in time.

Customers do not necessarily have to book a complete “feel-good-and-get-it-done-well” package, when they have some developer resources available. In case customers tell us they are not familiar with architectural principles for embedded system, we offer a kick-starting (on request: online) training.

Prototype development is an eye-opening element and we receive best feedback from our customers that took advantage of this kind of support. In the prototyping phase, our customer gets a glimpse of the various first frames and functionalities and this way every project team member can dive deeper into the final product and the bunch of expectations it has to meet. This is so important to meet launch dates and budgets.

1 Source

Medical industry: GUI for the dentists

Many companies in the medical industry enjoy working with GUI Services because they feel and experience cooperation on the eye-level. Our customer KaVo Dental GmbH is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products for dentists and dental technicians. Since it was founded in 1909, KaVo has made its mark in dentistry with numerous significant innovations and the development of innovative technology. How could we help with our UI development? KaVo released the KaVo ELECTROmatic Premium system, an ultimate all-in-one device used in dental treatment. 

Our GUI Services team developed with Embedded Wizard a complex, and at the end, easy-to-use and intuitive user interface which shows all the settings at a glance. The result helps dentists to spend less time on setting up the system and to make necessary adjustments with just a few swipes and touches. The new UI was developed in collaboration with KaVo and runs on an ARM Cortex M controller with a 4.3’’ TFT color touch screen.

Read the whole KaVo Dental Customer Success Story

Automotive: Rising demand for UIs

As the e-sector is growing, the market need for embedded systems in the automotive branches is continually rising. We have already realized projects for 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers, also e-motives. GUI Services have worked with a big German manufacturer who is leading in eMotors for E-bikes and E-scooters to develop a UI (here for an E-Scooter, see image, which could be tested at Embedded World 2019).

Among our track records is also a German prestige car manufacturer. Our customers’ drivers are demanding and ambitious; they only ask for the highest quality and ultimate user experience. So we came into play. The product was a rear-seat entertainment system. The graphical user interface reflects the premium design of the car and includes appealing animation effects and a fast touch response.

The whole team is beaming with pride for having a powerful tool for custom Embedded GUI design and development and skilled colleagues. Moreover, we are grateful to continuously welcome valuable customers and establish long-term partnerships – by conviction.

Many stories we can tell start like this: A new customer knows about the abilities of the Embedded Wizard tool and eventually starts with a piece of our in-house training, led by the GUI Services team. After their training and the personal get-to-know, they are convinced we are the best team they can get and trustfully hand over the project – or parts of it – to the GUI Services. Already shortly after ramping up the project, customers get surprised how quick and structured we bring their project on the road and reach first milestones.

You can contact us today – we are able to support the next group of innovative leaders when it comes to services around embedded GUIs. Our customer base includes big widely-known brands as well as hidden champions in SMEs and multinationals.

This is our aspiration: Over-exceeding customer expectations

Stay curious to read more stories to come.

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