Distributor for Australia and New Zealand: MIGTEC

We’re thrilled to welcome MIGTEC as Embedded Wizard’s new distributor for Australia and New Zealand. Due to a robust presence in secure software development and quality assurance, MIGTEC brings a wealth of expertise to our global network of distributors. Through this collaboration, the Embedded Wizard team continues its mission of providing a premium graphical user[…]

Elevating Multilingual GUI Development with Monotype

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Monotype, signifying an advancement in the realm of multilingual GUI development. With Embedded Wizard 13, we took a significant step forward in empowering developers to create rich and immersive user interfaces for embedded systems in any language. In collaboration with Monotype, a pioneer in font technology and[…]

Easy GUI Development: PHYTEC & Embedded Wizard

Embedded systems play a crucial role in nearly every industry, from medical devices to automotive applications. However, GUI development for embedded systems poses unique challenges for engineers. Meeting these demands requires innovative approaches that streamline the GUI development process while ensuring reliability and performance. The collaboration between Embedded Wizard and PHYTEC offers a comprehensive solution,[…]

A 20-Year Journey of Innovation: TARA Systems’ Embedded Wizard and STMicroelectronics

At TARA Systems, we cherish the power of enduring partnerships in the tech world. Today, we’re thrilled to share our remarkable 20-year collaboration with STMicroelectronics. The journey between our embedded GUI solution Embedded Wizard and STMicroelectronics has catalyzed groundbreaking UI innovations and expanded horizons for STM32 engineers. 20 Years of Collaboration The partnership of Embedded[…]

New Partnership: GigaDevice and Embedded Wizard

TARA Systems GmbH with their market-leading embedded GUI technology Embedded Wizard, and GigaDevice Semiconductors Inc., a premier supplier of high-performance memory and microcontrollers, are pleased to announce their business and technology partnership. Faster time to Marketwith Embedded Wizard and GigaDevice Accelerated Process and Faster Time-to-MarketEmbedded Wizard enables the creation of platform-independent and high-performance graphical user[…]

GUI Services by Embedded Wizard: Why Customers Enjoy Working with us

Aspiration: Wow-Experience and Over-Exceeding Customer Expectations with GUI Services As a cutting-edge software company, TARA Systems focuses on best user experiences. We make sure we are always in-the-know when it comes to the latest Graphical User Interface (GUI) innovations for embedded systems in sectors like automotive and automation, medical, consumer electronics, home appliances or industrial.[…]

MCUXpresso: TARA Systems collaborating with NXP

TARA Systems collaborating with NXP: Spicing up the GUI developer tool scene with Embedded Wizard integrated into MCUXpresso SDK Two webinars ahead presented and hosted by NXP, supported by Embedded Wizard Embedded Wizard is a reliable embedded GUI development framework by TARA Systems, a member of the NXP Partner Programm. NXP, the world leader in[…]

New Distributors

We are happy to announce our new distributor partnerships with Dioiz (South Korea), Electro Source (Canada & USA) and Pertech (Israel). Purchasing Embedded Wizard in these countries has now become even easier! See the full distributors list. Interested in becoming our distribution partner? Just contact us!

Announcing new partnership with Mentor Graphics

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Mentor Graphics. Mentor has integrated our Embedded Wizard user interface tool to work with their Nucleus embedded real-time operating system. Mentor Graphics selected Embedded Wizard as a GUI tool and integrated it into the Nucleus development environment. The lightweight footprint of an UI application generated by[…]

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