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Embedded Wizard new V8.10

New Version 8.10 released

23 Feb 2017

Do you intend to use an external TFT controller with its own graphic RAM via 8080 or SPI interface (e.g. ILI9341 or SSD2119)? With our new release it is now possible to render directly into that video memory without allocating any framebuffer within your MCU - and this shrinks your memory footprint dramatically. Try it on your own STM32F407 discovery board.

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Free Webinar: Graphics on LPC546xx MCU Family

10 Feb 2017

Planning on integrating a rich GUI into your next IoT application? With Embedded Wizard, GUI development on LPC546xx devices is just like magic. We will show you how in the upcoming webinar from NXP.

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Version 8.0: Even More Efficiency. Improved Resource Utilization.

29 Sep 2016

We have made lots of improvements, which are a direct result of listening to and taking action on customers’ feedback.

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New Distributors

14 Jul 2016

We are happy to announce our new distributor partnerships with Dioiz (South Korea), Electro Source (Canada & USA) and Pertech (Israel). Purchasing Embedded Wizard in these countries has now become even easier! See the full distributors list.

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Embedded Wizard @HMI Developers' Forum 2016

17 Jun 2016

The Developers' Forum “HMI - Components & Solutions” took place in Munich on June 16: more than 200 participants, speakers and exhibitors came together to share, present and discuss about various solutions in the domain of human machine interfaces (HMI).

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